A Change in Voice

In October 2015 I first presented a 45-minute address to a religious audience entitled Guilt, Shame & the Atonement.  I have since received a few requests for a written version of that presentation and will attempt to provide that on this blog through a series of blog posts.  I anticipate that it will take approximately six posts to present the information in a way that is clear and digestible.

This series of posts will reflect a different voice and direction for this blog.  In the past I have intentionally sought to avoid referencing overtly religious material.  This was largely motivated by a desire for my blog to be more widely applicable.  The choice to avoid religious references was also influenced by my desire to maintain a professional presence lest I am ever googled by clients.  However, I feel at peace about my choice to now incorporate spiritual and religious influences and references into these next several posts.

I consider my spirituality and my love of Jesus Christ, His Gospel, and of holy scripture to be central to who I am, what I believe, and how I make sense of the world.  In my quest for understanding truth and the change process, I am influenced by both scholarly and divine sources of knowledge in addition to lived experience.  I believe that my voice will be more authentic and that the information I share will be more enlightening as I free myself to use these multiple epistemologies.

Within the next week, look forward to my first post in this series in which I will attempt to differentiate the concepts of guilt and shame.  And hopefully, in the process, I can also invite an increase of both assurance and hope.


Please share your thoughts!

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