Paper Cranes Healthcare

Last fall, the practice I had been working for, East Valley Family Therapy, merged on a trial basis with a more-established healthcare company that was expanding the services they offer to include behavioral health care.  This merger has proven to be a valuable one that is benefiting their clients and allowing for greater growth, specialization and collaboration between mental health and medical care providers.  That merger is now graduating from “trial basis” to being a permanent change, and it one that I believe will be beneficial to the clients and communities the company serves.  I also believe that it will be beneficial to me as a professional as I am able to allow individuals who specialize in marketing and business to attend to those needs while I am better able to focus my time, talents and attention on becoming an even better counselor for the clients I serve.  Their facilities also allow better space for working with families and for providing groups to the community.

I look forward to my continued professional association with Paper Cranes Behavioral Healthcare as one of their employees, and I am also grateful for the personal association with the truly wonderful individuals who run this business.

One of the benefits of working with Paper Cranes is that they are established in several areas that are otherwise under-served by behavioral health providers.  Because of the greater needs for counselors and therapists in the growing Queen Creek area, I will soon be working primarily out of their Queen Creek office rather than in the Mesa area.  If you know of individuals who are seeking counseling services in the Queen Creek or Chandler areas, feel free to send them my direction and I or my colleagues would love to work with them.  If you or someone you know is looking for a therapist in the Mesa area, feel free to contact me and I am happy to try to help connect them to a local therapist who can help them toward their goals.